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Vegan Pagan web site and forum now open

Vegan Pagan is happy to announce that the new website is operational and we’d like for you to come and visit. We will post the occasional bits of news but what’s most important are the forums!

The forums are now open to join. These forums are private so you must have a log in. Its simple. Just enter the username you’d like to be known as (early birds get the best names!) and your email address. The system will send you a confirmation and click the link and you’re pretty much in. You can create your own topics and of course can comment on any topic you like.

Simple rules. No harassment, no trolling, no graphic content (specifically regarding animal or human cruelty) and of course nothing illegal. We have a zero tolerance policy for the above.

In return for following the rules, this is not a commercial site. We do not advertise or share data. So, if it’s a good place and your happy there is a donation link on the contact page. We have a benefactor who is letting us use their hosting and technical services. They will send the donations to us to develop the site further. Don’t forget to write Vegan Pagan in the PayPal payment comments.

One note: When you log in and don’t see the site, click the house at the top of the page and you’ll see ‘visit site’. That will take you to the website and then to the forums, news, and contact page.

– admin